Call for Applications for CNSUK’s Motilal Singh Master’s Dissertation Scholarship 2016

(Deadline extended to 15 April 2016)


The Centre for Nepal Studies UK invites applications from Master’s students studying in Nepali universities for a small grant (scholarship) up to a maximum of Rs 50,000 to provide assistance with expenses incurred during fieldwork and/or the writing of dissertations on subjects related to Nepal-Britain relations.


This Motilal Singh Master’s Dissertation Scholarship 2016, which is established as a part of celebrating Nepali migration to the UK as well as the 200 years of formal relationships between Nepal and Britain, primarily aims to support a student studying at a Nepali university to write a well-researched (original) Master’s dissertation.  


Area of research

The subject of the dissertation research should have a connection to the Nepal-Britain relationship, including, but not limited to, the following areas:


·         Nepal-Britain wars and treaties

·         British Gurkhas and their contribution to Britain and to the development of Nepal

·         Nepali migration to Britain, and migrants’ contribution to Nepal

·         The migration of elderly Gurkhas and its socio-cultural and economic implications 

·         British development aid and activities in Nepal, and its impact.


Along with a small grant, the selected candidate(s) will be offered guidance (co-supervision) by a designated researcher at the CNSUK or by other member(s) as per their speciality. Summary of the research outcome will be published in CNSUK’s website.



Interested and eligible students should submit their application to the email address given below. It should include the following documents:


  1. A one-page personal statement (stating why they should be funded);
  2. A two-page description of the proposed research;
  3. A budget of the expenses to be incurred (not more than one page); the budget should itemize all expenses as accurately as possible, even if the total comes to more than Rs 50,000; however, the maximum payable to any successful candidate will be Rs 50,000;
  4. A curriculum vitae (bio-data) (not exceeding two pages);
  5. A supporting letter from the affiliated University/College indicating the name and consent of the proposed supervisor.


CNSUK’s research committee will evaluate the applications and make a final decision.



Application deadline                            15 April 2016 (Extended)

Notification of the outcome                 30 April 2016

Research period                                   Between May and December 2016.

Please send applications to               cnsuk@cnsuk.org.uk


Personal calls other than for more information will not be entertained.


Motilal Singh migrated to the UK much earlier than the well-known visit of then Prime Minister Janga Bahadur Rana and his team in 1850 (CE). Motilal published an article in New Monthly Magazine and Humorist in 1850 about Janga Bahadur Rana's visit to the UK. He is the first Nepali, so far as is known, to write and publish in the English language. Motilal was born in Bhadgaon in about 1794 and was a Gorkha warrior, who fought in the Nepal-Britain war of 1814. CNSUK has published a book about Motilal Singh which also includes his article translated and edited by Dr Krishna Adhikari. Through the sale of this book a small fund named 'Motilal Memorial Fund' has been created. This scholarship is a part of the Motilal memorial activities.