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Dr. Govinda Dahal, Member


Govinda Dahal is a Senior Researcher at the Bruyere Research Institute (BRI) and the University of Ottawa, Canada working in the area of population health- e.g. immigrant health, health equity, social determinants of health, children and youth health, reproductive health. He is also the Executive Director of Canada Foundation for Nepal. He is contributing to build capacity on evidence-based health policy and practices, and critical care management of hospital systems in Nepal, working with the teams of BRI, and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He is a former Director of the CNSUK. He previously worked for the UNECE, WHO, DFID and Johns Hopkins University as a researcher/consultant in the area of population health and statistics. He holds a PhD degree in Social Statistics/Demography from the University of Southampton, UK, and MA from Australia and Nepal. There are many research publications to his credit. 

2006  PhD in Social Statistics/DemographyUniversity of Southampton, UK
Thesis: Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Behaviour in Nepal using both quantitative and qualitative methods
1998  Master’s in DemographyAustralian National University, Australia 
1997  Graduate Diploma in DemographyAustralian National University, Australia
1992  Master's in Education (Economics), Tribhuvan University, Nepal 
1991  Master’s in Population Studies, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
1988  Bachelor of Education (Science and Economics)Tribhuvan University, Nepal
1985  Intermediate of Education (Science), Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Health Technology Impact Assessment; Behavior Change for Healthy Lifestyle; Reproductive Health (Male Involvement); Maternal Child Health; Health of Children and Youth; Community Engagement for Better Health; Networking; Research: Quantitative, Qualitative, Systematic Reviews, Advanced Statistical Analyses; Proposal Writing for Funding; Program/Project Design, Implementation, Evaluation and Knowledge Translation/Exchange



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Book Chapters

Dahal GP. Heath Status, In Adhikari KP (ed), Nepalese in the United   Kingdom: an Overview, Centre for Nepal Studies UK, 2012.

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Dahal GP. with a Foreword by Theodore H. MacDonald, Sexual and Reproductive Behaviour among Men in Nepal: The Need for Male-Friendly Reproductive Health Policy and Services, Edwin Mellen Press: USA, 2008.

Executive Director, Canada Foundationf for Nepal (CFFN)

Senior Researcher at the Bruyere Research Institute (BRI) and the University of Ottaw