Personal Detail

Mr. Lokendra Dhakal, Executive Director


Lokendra Dhakal is a founder member and Executive Director of CNSUK. He has experience of working in government and multi stakeholders’ natural resources management partnership programme.  He was a National Project Coordinator of Western Terai Landscape Complex Project, a multi partnership project, with Ministry of Forests, Government of Nepal, UNDP, WWF, Dutch Government and IPGRI (2004 - 06). He was exchange Consultant to Danida Forest Seed Centre, Denmark (2001) and was expert in forestry for UNDP/Bangladesh to formulate Rural Development project in 2000. He has published several papers as a lead and co-author in tree improvement, planning and natural resources management sector. He taught master level in Environment Development in SchEMS/ Pokhara University and College of Applied Sciences/ Kathmandu University in Nepal (2000- 06). Recently, he supported social research on population, ex-soldier pension issues and policy studies in the UK. He completed his M.S in Natural Resources Management from University of Florida, USA in 1995. 



M.S Natural Resource Management, University of Florida, USA (1995)

B.Sc. Forestry, Institute of Forestry, Tribhuvan University, Nepal (1988)

Participatory Landscape level Biodiversity management, Collaborative forest management, Multi stakeholder natural resources management;  Ethnic minority sociological studies.

Main Author

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