23 July, 2015
BNAC Nepal Study Day

The 12th BNAC ‘Nepal Study Day’ was held on 24 and 25 April 2014 at the University of Oxford. On the Study Days, CNSUK’s members presented papers in various issues namely; ‘British Gurkha Pension Policies: A Review’ by Dr Chandra Laksamba and Lokendra Dhakal, ‘Contemporary Debates over Kul Puja among Bahuns and Chhetris in Nepal’ by Dr Krishna Adhikari, ‘Unravelling the Paradox of ‘Super-Profits’ under Semi-feudalism: New Perspectives on Migration and Pre-capitalist Agriculture in Mithilanchal’ by Dr Fraser Sugden and ‘Constructions of the Environment in Nepal: Environmental Discourses on Air and on the Ground’ by Dr Sangita Shrestha.