Ethnic Minority Social Mobility Project

Date: 14 July 2015

Big Lottery Fund: Project ID 0010253632

On 27 June 2015 the Centre for Nepal Studies UK (CNSUK) was awarded a Grant Offer by the Big Lottery Fund for a Research Study Project, ‘Ethnic Minority Social Mobility Project’. This project will carry out a small-scale study to explore the migration and social mobility patterns of the Nepali ethnic minority community in England. More specifically, it will explore how second-generation Nepali youths are performing in terms of their education and occupations, and inform us about the state and process of class mobility as well as overall integration of the Nepali minority into British society.

Following general social mapping based on an earlier CNSUK large-scale survey of Nepalis in the UK, one hundred randomly selected families from Farnborough and Reading will be selected and interviewed in depth. The project will convene several workshops with the wider community, including local councils, service-providers, policymakers, politicians, and community leaders and members, in order to solicit their opinions as well as to disseminate research findings.

The final project report will be submitted to the Big Lottery Fund by 18 June 2016. The final report and its findings will be disseminated to the wider public through research papers and articles in local and national media outlets and journals.

Lokendra Purush Dhakal, Executive Director of CNSUK said: “Since the project has limited funding, and CNSUK aims to achieve large-scale validity in understanding the social mobility pattern of the Nepalis in the study area and beyond, we will pursue methods such as voluntarism and collaboration in order to achieve maximum mobilisation of social resources, maximum implications for the community concerned, and maximum relevance for policymakers.”