Executive Director's Note: Launching of CNSUK’s redesigned website

Executive Director's Note: Launching of CNSUK’s redesigned website

We all from the CNSUK would like to welcome you to our redesigned website. After a few years of important service, we thought finally the time has come to retire our old site and replace it with a more clearer and user friendly website, which is in front of you now.

What is new? The new website has refreshed the content entirely and details the past and present activities and initiatives. It also contains sections on the collaborators and partners. We believe that now it is more user friendly to communicate with our members, researchers, academics. Most of the new and old publications as well as the Powerpoint presentations are downloadable. It is easy to subscribe our newsletter, post a view or be informed about our calls for papers and notices for scholarships.

In the meantime, we would also like to invite you to interact with us at various social media sites. We are now on FacebookLinkedin and Twitter. Please follow us to keep up-to-date of our activities.

Our website is built to be dynamic, capable to respond to immediate needs and changes; hence, it will constantly evolve toward improving the information sharing between us. I would appreciate if you could provide us with feedback on things that you would like to see or read or areas where we could improve upon.

Thank you and continue enjoy using this site. 

Lokendra Dhakal

Executive Director