Journal of the Global Nepali Diaspora

CNSUK is in the process of launching a Journal of the Global Nepali Diaspora. The first issue will be a special issue on Gurkhas and will be published online in June 2016. (The inaugural issue, possible themes may include: (1) The history of Gurkha recruitment and its effects in Nepal; (2) Tripartite Agreement (TPA) 1947 and its relevance; (3) British Gurkhas’ Campaign of equal rights; (4) British Gurkha migration, social integration, and mobility in the UK; (5) Indian Gurkhas and their role within the Nepali diaspora in India and elsewhere in Asia; and (6) Recruiting process in the British and Indian Gurkhas; challenges and perspectives. Word limit: 9,000 words (including references) and Deadline: 31 March 2016.