Limbus’ Kipat and Realities: An Analysis

The ancestral Limbu federal kingdom is known as Limbuwan which spans from the Arun River in Nepal to Sikkim in the east. The federal kingdom of Limbus was converted into a Kipat by Prithivi Narayan Shah during the treaty with 10 Limbu kings, which Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah and his Panchayat regime abolished by implementing the Land (Reform) Act, 1964. Limbuwan activists have a strong assumption that the Shah Regime converted their kingdom into a Kipat and Brahmins and Chhetris captured their Kipat land by using various tricks and this is one of the contentious issues in the Limbuwan. Furthermore, this issue has been politicised and made sensational. Hence, the purpose of the study is to explore the realities and analyse the findings.