Mr. Lokendra Dhakal, Executive Director

Email: Lokendra.Dhakal@cnsuk.org.uk

Lokendra Dhakal is a founder member and Executive Director of CNSUK. He has experience of working in government and multi stakeholders’ natural resources management partne ...

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Dr. Chandra Laksamba, Senior Research Officer

Email: claksamba@gmail.com

Chandra Laksamba holds a PhD degree in lifelong learning from the University of Surrey. He is a founding member, former Executive Director and Senior Researcher of CNSUK. He coo ...

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Dr. Krishna Adhikari, Senior Research Officer

Email: krishna.adhikari@anthro.ox.ac.uk

Krishna Adhikari is affiliated to the CNSUK as a senior researcher and member. In 2007 he joined the CNSUK as a researcher and member, and between 2010 and 2011 he was its Execu ...

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Dr. Sangita Shrestha, Research Associate

Email: Sangita.Shrestha@cnsuk.org.uk

Sangita Shrestha joined CNSUK as a Research Associate in January 2014. At CNSUK, Sangita leads the environmental project which aims to measure awareness and attitudes towards en ...

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Dr. Ganga Dahal, Research Fellow

Ganga Dahal is an International expert on forest land tenure and decentralization policy with solid experience of social research, policy analysis and advocacy at national, regi ...

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Dr. Fraser Sudgen, Research Fellow

Fraser Sugden joined the CNSUK in 2014 as a Research Fellow. He is a social science researcher specializing in the political economy of agriculture and water management. His spe ...

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Dr Richard Antony, Research Associate

Email: Richard.Antony@cnsuk.org.uk

Richard Antony joined CNSUK as a Research Associate in April 2015. Previously, Richard have extensive employment experience ranging from 10 years as a lecturer in Sociology to R ...

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Dr. Govinda Dahal, Member

Govinda Dahal is a Senior Researcher at the Bruyere Research Institute (BRI) and the University of Ottawa, Canada working in the area of population health- e.g. immigrant health ...

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Dr. Sondra Hausner, Member

Sondra Hausner is Associate Professor in Study of Religion, University of Oxford; trained in public policy (Princeton 1991) and sociocultural anthropology (Cornell 2002). Sondra ...

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Mr. Ananda Bhandari, Member

Ananda Bhandari is one of the founder members of CNSUK and was a researcher for CNSUK’s ‘Large-scale Survey 2007 – 09 on Nepalis Living in the UK’. Curre ...

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Prof. David Gellner, Advisor

David Gellner is Professor of Social Anthropology and a Fellow of All Souls. He was Head of the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography from 2009-2012. His doctoral r ...

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Professor Peter Jarvis, Advisor

Peter Jarvis is a former head of the Department of Educational Studies, University of Surrey and is a former Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Adult Education, University of Georgia, ...

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Professor John Holford, Advisor

John Holford is Robert Peer Professor of Adult Education and Director of the Centre for Research in Higher and Adult & Vocational Education, University of Nottingham. A Soci ...

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Professor Sabu Padmadas, Advisor

Sabu Padmadas is Professor of Demography and Global Health. He joined the University of Southampton in October 2002 after completing his doctoral and postdoctoral research at th ...

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Dr. Bishnu Upreti, Advisor

Bishnu Upreti holds a Master in Sociology from Tribhuvan Univeristy, M.Sc. in Management of Knowledge Systems & PhD in Conflict Management (1998 - 2000) from the Wageningen ...

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